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Andover Towing is a DVLA Approved Number Plate Supplier and can therefore now provide you with an official legally printed number plate for your towing vehicle. We will bring it along with us when installing your towbar, so that you are ready to tow legally as soon as your towbar is fitted.

It is now a legal requirement to have an official number plate displayed on all towing vehicles and cycle carriers. Unfortunately, displaying a traditional hand-written registration number on a piece of cardboard/wood is no longer sufficient and a fixed penalty notice can be issued.

As a Approved Number Plate Supplier, our prices for number plates are competitive and can be supplied directly to your door as follows;

All registration plates offer a professional finish


Standard Oblong or Square
(yellow for rear or white for front)


Standard Oblong with GB Emblem
(yellow for rear or white for front)


Any two number plates – oblong, square, yellow or white


Any two number plates with GB Emblem – oblong, yellow or white.

Please note that for our DVLA records, we will be required to see proof of your identity and proof of your entitlement before we are able to hand over a number plate for the required vehicle. Examples of appropriate documentation are as follows;

Proof of Identity

  • Driving Licence
  • Utility Bill (issued within last 6 months)
  • Bank or Building Society Statement (issued within last 6 months)
  • Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • Police Warrant Card
  • An Armed Forces Card

Proof of Entitlement

  • Registration Certificate V5C/V5C(NI)
  • New Keeper Supplement V5C/2/V5C/2(NI)
  • Certificate of Entitlement V750/V750(NI)
  • Retention Document V778
  • Renewal reminder for tax disc SORN/V11/V11(NI)
  • Temporary Registration Certificate V379/V279(NI)
  • Number Plate Authorisation Certificate V948 with official DVLA, DVA or VOSA stamp.
  • A letter of authorisation from lease/hire company, including fleet operators. The letter must quote the document reference number from the V5C/V5C(NI)
  • Record of the insurer’s name, reference and policy number (for repairs approved by an insurance company)

If you require an additional number plate for your towing vehicle, please mention it when confirming your towbar order and our fitter will bring it along with him or if you only require a number plate please phone/e-mail our office manager on 01264 393076 /Email: Click here with your requirements.